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Real Estate Closing Services Provided By Our Legal Team

By Amy Shannon

The real estate attorneys at Leslie Robert Evans & Associates, P.A. (LRE) have decades of experience handling real estate closings, including negotiating costs and terms, working with lenders, and providing helpful advice to save clients both time and money.

Sales contracts for single-family homes and condominiums vary from each transaction, so it's important to go through an attorney who is well-versed in all areas of real estate law and can offer you an array of professional title insurance and escrow services to suit your needs.

Below is a breakdown of our closing services:

1. Intake/Title Examination ─ Once we receive the title commitment, the attorney will review the title commitment to check for any title defects with any previous deeds, or encumbrances. For example, we look for any mortgages that need to be paid off, make sure all taxes have been paid, and check to make sure there are no other liens against the title. If there are any other issues, we work with all parties in an attempt towards resolving them.

2. Title Insurance ─ Our closing team will coordinate the issuance of title insurance to the new single-family home/condominium buyer (and the lender, if applicable). Title insurance is a type of coverage you can purchase at your closing as a means of protection in the event that any unforeseen title claims are made at a later date against your property.

3. The Closing ─ As the date of your closing approaches, we will coordinate with all parties for the preparation and delivery of the closing documents, including, but not limited to, the mortgage, promissory note, truth in lender disclosures and the HUD-1 Settlement Statement. Additional issues we handle at closing include:

• Disclosure/payment of lender fees and closing costs
• Distribution of sale proceeds
• Funding of mortgage escrow account
• Payment/allocation of real estate taxes and utilities
• Payment of broker commissions
• Payment of transfer taxes and recording fees
• Payoff/discharge of mortgages

At the Closing, we fully explain each set of closing documents and answer any questions you may have.

4. Post Closing ─ We perform an updated title search to ensure there are no changes in the title, and then record the deed and other recordable documents. The title insurance policy is typically issued several weeks after the Closing, once the original deed is recorded and returned by the county recording office.

The attorneys at Leslie Robert Evans & Associates, P.A. (LRE) work closely with highly trained real estate paralegals to ensure a smooth closing from beginning to end. Widely recognized in the Town of Palm Beach, Palm Beach County and throughout South Florida for putting clients first, LRE's legal team knows how to handle even the most complex real estate transactions and title matters for buying or selling residential and commercial properties. We focus on keeping our clients up-to-speed throughout the closing process, offering honest legal guidance in all areas relating to residential and commercial real estate, transactions, real estate broker law, financing and more. We provide accurate documents, respond to all interested parties in a timely basis, and provide title policies from reputable underwriters First American National Title Company and Old Republic National Title Insurance Company.

To find out more information about our real estate closing services, contact Jason Evans, Esq., senior associate at Leslie Robert Evans & Associates, P.A., at a or (561) 832-8288. You can also visit the firm's Free Title Rate Calculator to determine the involved costs, such as related transfer taxes and mortgage recording taxes.

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